An Image Saved

On my list of style icons 3 Feet High and Rising era De la Soul is near the top. I saw this picture of them from around that time and noticed that Maseo (a.k.a. Plug 3) is wearing a shirt that says “Plug 3” on it. Wearing a shirt with your name on it is great, and I like that it looks handmade. I’m especially into the peace sign and those finger painted mud flap ladies.

This is me at a young age sitting in dirt. I really liked this picture once I realized that the shirt I’m wearing appears to be hand painted by my mom (that heart in the upper left hand corner with lines coming out of it is a total Mom heart). People are always talking about wardrobe essentials like navy blue cardigans and black pumps, but I think these images demonstrate that your closet isn’t complete without a shirt hand painted for you, especially by someone who loves you or at least kind of likes you.

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3 Responses to An Image Saved

  1. Naomi says:

    LOVE THIS! you are the best.

  2. I made that photograph of you when I visited one time in Arizona. I struggled with the exposure because of the spattered light diffused by the trees. I like the moment. That photo and one of your sister that I took that same day, are in frames in my office at home. Your hair flips up in the same spot as mine does. I love your smile. This is a nice blog and I am happy you told me about it. I think about you often and hope you will come visit me sometime either here or when I go to California. What are you doing this summer? When will you graduate? Perhaps, I can come to your graduation when you wear one of those outfits with those flathead hats. My guess is your hat will be decorated in some way so I will know you when you stroll past. Love, Teresa
    Thanks for the postcard. I love New Orleans because the light is magical. I hope you had a good time.

    • Elena says:

      I remember you sending me this picture! This summer I will hopefully get a job, and maybe take a trip or two. I am graduating at the end of next semester, if everything goes right. I’m glad you liked the postcard!

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