2004 Retrospective

This week in the studios I’ve been playing the music I loved when I was fourteen, and nostalgia for the days when I was a baby has made me super productive. If you want to get some stuff done here’s a tasteful selection of the songs I was listening to while my sister drove me to buy bleach so I could dye my hair pink.

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Self Portraits

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It’s the Way I Feel It’s What I Want

Things I’m liking lately:

-The intense way Nicolas Cage says “It’s the way I feel. It’s what I want” in this scene from Valley Girl (around 3:25). I think about this about three million times a day, definitely anytime I want something stupid like candy or nail polish or something, because I’m serious about candy and nail polish.

-Making more postcards. Sometimes I’m really good at never leaving the house, but you still need to make contact with the outside world. Postcards are a good way to do that, and because I don’t have access to the studios I get a chance to dust off the drawing supplies and make some more of my own.

-Lately I’m tired of listening to all of the music I already know I like and I just want to hear The Most Beautiful Song I Haven’t Heard Yet. Is that so much to ask? I’m not really sure how you find something like that, so I’m having a little trouble, but I just I just started listening to Esther Werdiger’s music podcast Sounds Ace and I really love it. She plays beautiful music for you so you don’t even have to think about it. Perfect for driving around to at night.

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Gone Are the Days of Melting In the Sun

Make something helpful.

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Christian Joy

photo by Patrice Jackson

I’ve already said that I want to be Christian Joy, but I really just want her to make everything I wear. Even though they are meant as costumes, I think skeleton suits and lightning print robes should be worn anytime. Christian’s been making these outfits for a while, but I’m most interested in her recent pieces which are made out of fabric that she’s screen printed herself. I’ve only really learned screen printing as a means of making editions of prints rather than surface design for fabric, but I’m inspired by her prints. Some of the pieces that I want to make for my senior show involve printing on fabric so recently I’ve been looking really closely at some of my favorite Christian Joy designs.

1, 2

3, 4

5, 6

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Thisss Week

My sister gave me her old ipod so I can listen to this song while driving from Tempe to Phoenix at night.

Postcard printed with polymer plates, and screen printing

eye am still working on that vest

My bathroom ode to Keanu (photo by Shona)

These two angels helped me usher in a really great birthday. Be good to me, Twenty-Two.

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Eye Can Do Anything

Sometimes for no reason I am afraid of everything and everyone, but I’m sure that when I wear things I love, especially things I’ve made, I feel 30% less terrified. This is a vest that I’m making to protect myself against everything; the patch is screen printed.

In this video of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing the song Soft Shock live Karen O wears robes made by Christian Joy. Karen O is known for looking really happy and excited when she performs. I feel like in this case especially what she wears is a big part of her stage persona. I love the idea that the vest that she’s wearing helps her perform. If objects can make you brave then that’s good because you can control it.

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