It’s the Way I Feel It’s What I Want

Things I’m liking lately:

-The intense way Nicolas Cage says “It’s the way I feel. It’s what I want” in this scene from Valley Girl (around 3:25). I think about this about three million times a day, definitely anytime I want something stupid like candy or nail polish or something, because I’m serious about candy and nail polish.

-Making more postcards. Sometimes I’m really good at never leaving the house, but you still need to make contact with the outside world. Postcards are a good way to do that, and because I don’t have access to the studios I get a chance to dust off the drawing supplies and make some more of my own.

-Lately I’m tired of listening to all of the music I already know I like and I just want to hear The Most Beautiful Song I Haven’t Heard Yet. Is that so much to ask? I’m not really sure how you find something like that, so I’m having a little trouble, but I just I just started listening to Esther Werdiger’s music podcast Sounds Ace and I really love it. She plays beautiful music for you so you don’t even have to think about it. Perfect for driving around to at night.

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One Response to It’s the Way I Feel It’s What I Want

  1. Uncle Steve says:

    Maybe this tis the most beautiful song you haven’t heard yet: Listen with head phones.
    Love you girl! Uncle Steve

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