Christian Joy

photo by Patrice Jackson

I’ve already said that I want to be Christian Joy, but I really just want her to make everything I wear. Even though they are meant as costumes, I think skeleton suits and lightning print robes should be worn anytime. Christian’s been making these outfits for a while, but I’m most interested in her recent pieces which are made out of fabric that she’s screen printed herself. I’ve only really learned screen printing as a means of making editions of prints rather than surface design for fabric, but I’m inspired by her prints. Some of the pieces that I want to make for my senior show involve printing on fabric so recently I’ve been looking really closely at some of my favorite Christian Joy designs.

1, 2

3, 4

5, 6

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One Response to Christian Joy

  1. I agree about costumes being worn as regular clothes. For example, if I were a super hero, I would be ReflectorWoman. I have been thinking about her costume for years. One Halloween, Olivia was visiting and she made Oreo a costume to match hers. I made a ReflectorWoman Costume, but it was way too uncomfortable to wear for long. For example, I couldn’t sit down. So then it was back to the drawing board. On Fridays when my students present projects, I wear a tie. I went to the Salvation Army or GoodWill or whatever and bought some really nice ties. Then I bought some baggy trousers and I need someone to take them up and then I will wear suspenders. I agree with the idea of costumes. That would be cool to have all your clothes be from silk screened fabric.

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