I Last Read: Pain Beau

A few weeks ago for my Polymer Plate Printing class we had to do “book reports” on pieces from the artist books collection at the ASU library. There are a lot of beautiful painstakingly assembled books in the collection, but I chose this simple zine Pain Beau by Stephanie Brody-Lederman. The prints in the book appeared to be xeroxed and the pages are stapled together rather than hand sewn. Rather than trying to mask the handmade nature of the book, these details are played up such as the smeared hand drawn flowers on the cover of the book and the swipe of paint that the title is written on. I really loved this book not only because of its small, precious qualities, but also because it is a method that anyone can use to make their own small, precious books. I want to tuck it away with other tiny things that make me happy like my metal pencil sharpener, pin collection, and Beatles Zines, but I also just want to make one myself.

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