field trips with Shona and Cassie, I want Jessica’s Jesus jar, 4 am screen printing

All I’ve been doing for the past three weeks is making prints or sitting in various studios having nervous breakdowns. Now I don’t have to/get to be here for three months.

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This Week 2

Cable Babies Japanther

de la style

Lauren and I in the typeshop

this crystal is inspiring my final projects

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A Hidden Challenge

Make a photogravure of yourself without feeling self indulgent.

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Summer System

Barbie lunchbox, Clothing by Natalie Ebaugh, Pineapple Pitcher, Christopher Kane skirt, King Tuff King Tuff, De La Soul De La Soul is Dead, Liz Phair Exile in Guyville, globe hat, ebay birkenstocks

I’ve spent my whole life in Arizona, but I still haven’t figured out a way to completely survive the summer. Every year during March when I have to start driving with my windows down I panic and try to convince myself that this summer is going to be fun and bearable rather than a five month punishment. It hasn’t really worked yet, but I always try to come up with a system for making it through sane and this collage is my map for trying to get through this summer.

  • The sun makes it so hard to see anything that you might as well wear your brightest colors, and I think that Barbie lunchbox with the glaring palm trees, and the globe hat are perfect examples of how I want to look every day.
  • It’s helpful to drink a fruity drink most of the time, my favorite is classic lemonade which I would preferably be drinking out of a pineapple shaped pitcher.
  • I know that a lot of people see birkenstocks as nerdy hippie shoes, but I they are actually alright. The grad student who taught my 3D design class made amazing things out of wood and looked really cool all of the time, AND she wore birkenstocks. I also have giant feet, even though I’m not tall, and because birks are so wide they really emphasize the cartoonish quality of my feet, which I find refreshing.
  • The most important part of getting through summer is which songs you’re going to listen to in your car while you drive around in your portable oven. When I bought Exile in Guyville the other day I thought the guy at the record store was going to judge me for it, but he actually said that it was great, and that he drives around listening to it so much it would probably melt in his car. This means that I am paranoid, but it also means that it’s a contender for Car CD of Summer 2012.
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I Last Read: Pain Beau

A few weeks ago for my Polymer Plate Printing class we had to do “book reports” on pieces from the artist books collection at the ASU library. There are a lot of beautiful painstakingly assembled books in the collection, but I chose this simple zine Pain Beau by Stephanie Brody-Lederman. The prints in the book appeared to be xeroxed and the pages are stapled together rather than hand sewn. Rather than trying to mask the handmade nature of the book, these details are played up such as the smeared hand drawn flowers on the cover of the book and the swipe of paint that the title is written on. I really loved this book not only because of its small, precious qualities, but also because it is a method that anyone can use to make their own small, precious books. I want to tuck it away with other tiny things that make me happy like my metal pencil sharpener, pin collection, and Beatles Zines, but I also just want to make one myself.

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An Image Saved

On my list of style icons 3 Feet High and Rising era De la Soul is near the top. I saw this picture of them from around that time and noticed that Maseo (a.k.a. Plug 3) is wearing a shirt that says “Plug 3” on it. Wearing a shirt with your name on it is great, and I like that it looks handmade. I’m especially into the peace sign and those finger painted mud flap ladies.

This is me at a young age sitting in dirt. I really liked this picture once I realized that the shirt I’m wearing appears to be hand painted by my mom (that heart in the upper left hand corner with lines coming out of it is a total Mom heart). People are always talking about wardrobe essentials like navy blue cardigans and black pumps, but I think these images demonstrate that your closet isn’t complete without a shirt hand painted for you, especially by someone who loves you or at least kind of likes you.

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Learning the Game

When I was in high school I was consumed by everything Buddy Holly, I had a picture of him in my locker, I had the glasses, and I was strangely delighted by the pretty unremarkable fact that his wife’s name, Maria Elena, is the inverse of mine. After the cd player in my car broke I listened to a Buddy Holly greatest hits tape everywhere I went because I didn’t own any other tapes. I don’t listen to him much anymore, but that feeling that Buddy Holly would save me from “bad feelings” is the most obvious example of a concept that I’m always trying to convey through the things I make.

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