Eye Can Do Anything

Sometimes for no reason I am afraid of everything and everyone, but I’m sure that when I wear things I love, especially things I’ve made, I feel 30% less terrified. This is a vest that I’m making to protect myself against everything; the patch is screen printed.

In this video of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing the song Soft Shock live Karen O wears robes made by Christian Joy. Karen O is known for looking really happy and excited when she performs. I feel like in this case especially what she wears is a big part of her stage persona. I love the idea that the vest that she’s wearing helps her perform. If objects can make you brave then that’s good because you can control it.

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4 Responses to Eye Can Do Anything

  1. Miss Smyth says:

    I love that song!!!!

  2. Who wouldn’t agree with that idea?

  3. Uncle Steve says:

    How does one go about commissioning a custom made shirt? I would not mind feeling 30% less terrified!

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