field trips with Shona and Cassie, I want Jessica’s Jesus jar, 4 am screen printing

All I’ve been doing for the past three weeks is making prints or sitting in various studios having nervous breakdowns. Now I don’t have to/get to be here for three months.

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One Response to Finals

  1. I love a good nervous breakdown. It reminds me of how human I am. “Why does it look like other people are not having them?” I used to wonder. I later found out that they were having them in private. “Why didn’t they share them with me like I shared mine with them?” I asked. I later found out they were embarrassed about having them. Some were not so generous and some just weren’t even admitting they were having them to anybody– not even themselves.
    When I realized how much I loved what I wanted to do, I realized that nervous was just a lovely state of mind similar to love and silence and happiness and all those other ones.
    Now I love my art like I love my anxiety, like I love myself in a non-selfish way, it is a part of me and I am human. This connects me to everybody else.
    Practicing our art connects us to not only ourselves, but to everyone and to our humanity.

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