As Seen In

Recently my parents found a bunch of old albums and pictures; some pictures of my mom when she was in grad school were uncovered. I really love seeing pictures of her when she was not too much older than I am living in the same place that I do now. I’m taking photogravure this semester, but I am not very knowledgeable about photography, so I’ve been thinking of somehow using these photos in the process.

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One Response to As Seen In

  1. Wow this photo is freaking me out. Today my in-laws asked me how my family was doing. I told them I didn’t know. I don’t know my family. Parts of them were (and are) somewhere else and I never saw (or see) them or even spoke (or speak) to them for long periods of time. i don’t know them, but I knew them even less before when I was caught up (even more) in my own space and time. I never saw Dora when she even resembled that photo or that person.

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