Tracey Emin neon piece, Preparing for Screenprinting, Collage (B-52’s self titled album, glow in the dark moon clock, cactus terrarium, heart shelf, Karen O in Koream Magazine, lipstick, Keanu)

When I make a print the step that usually takes the longest is the planning stage where I make a drawing and decide what colors I am going to use. On more than one occasion I have spent about three weeks “drawing” and 24 hours frantically printing. It’s not an ideal time frame, but getting the composition right is important. Because a lot of my prints and drawings are scenes of little altars or arrangements I spend a lot of time finding images of the things I want to put in my created spaces. I get some of these from life, but most of the objects I find are in books and on the internet. These are some of the references I used for my latest screenprint.

Illustration by Katie Scott

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