My name is Elena and I am a printmaking student at Arizona State University.  I’m interested in watching 80s movies, sewing, and reading, but I spend most of my time working in the studio. I really like “making things” and I am really excited by the idea that I can figure out a way to construct anything I want. A lot of the artwork I have made so far is about reconciling the fact that I do not believe in magic or religious ideas with at the same time wanting to believe that objects I have or rituals I take part in will positively affect me.

(Image by Charles “Bonesy” Jones)

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4 Responses to Me

  1. Miss Smyth says:


  2. Miss Smyth says:

    lol it says miss smyth

  3. Marty Hernandez says:

    The collection on your blog is a bit mysterious, very interesting, very colorful and very you. I love it. –

  4. Marty Hernandez says:

    I decided to check in on your site and see what you had since I last looked. I was pleasantly surprised to see that great photo of your Dad –

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